My metro people-watching continues. Here is yet another instalment of the Metro Chronicles.

I was going to one of my classes the other day. I was on the train going from my outskirts towards the city centre. It was about 6 pm, the train wasn’t full, it was a time when everyone was going the other direction, so I managed to sit. Opposite me there was an elderly lady, and, next to her, a young couple getting all too touchy-feely with each other, but still in a cute way. The lady sitting in front of me was glancing at them from time to time – and it looked as if she was smiling. Her eyes also seemed to be smiling. However, I am still not sure if the sparkles in her eyes were not a sign of hidden aggression and the “smile” on her face just a natural grimace she cannot get rid of.

That very same day, when I was coming back, I saw another touchy-feely happy couple. I smiled at the girl and she smiled back at me. These many nice things might not happen to me in the metro ever, ever again – I’ve used up my limit for the entire year.

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