I must admit I used to be rather suspicious of Instagram. I did believe that its sole purpose was to enable absolutely anybody to instantly share the pictures of their food or of themselves in the lift – and to twist them up with filters to make them feel like art. Don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing bad in it, it’s just nothing I would be interested in. Then, one day, convinced by an Instagram-addicted friend, I gave it a go – and I was stunned by what I found. It turned out that Instagram is full of wonderful photography.

In the abundance of photographs taken, some are truly remarkable  – and deserve more than just a short Instagram life. This is why I decided to find a place for them here, for future reference. Every now and then, I will be presenting you with the best of my Instagram discoveries. I’ll divide them into categories, to put an order to the chaos of Instagram wonders. Today – the best of street captions.

I collected the photographs that intrigued, amused or amazed me and that fall into the general category of street photography. It is, however, such a diverse label that I narrowed it down a little further: I divided them by what I find to be the most important in their subject matter.

































Stay tuned and watch this space – the next instalment of the Instagram digest will be focused on faces!

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Instagram is full of treasures - and I gather them all in one place. Here you can find some of the best street photography shots. Click through to see more!

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